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David Mohler, Center for Health Evolution

Welcome to the Center for Health Evolution, or CHE. CHE supports the integration of physical, psychological health with a focus on individuals, couples, families and groups.

~ A mind-body approach to manage stress, improve self-esteem, recognize self-diminishing habits, improve relationships, and help clarify and crystallize personal purpose.

~ A folk therapy approach to explore personal and collective story with mindfulness, astrology, and mythology.

We tend to fixate on our problems, which of course are very concerning. But in this focus, we lose sight of a simpler solution, which is  inside, available to be felt and heard. Without equanimity we lose ourself and forget where the key and compass to our solution lies. Through self- inquiry increased awareness and creativity,  we explore our mind-body connection.

We also have on line community at Every Day Peace, a local community founded by David G. Mohler, Director of the Center for Health Evolution. >> Facebook link